10 things a gynaecologist wants you to know if you’re giving birth during the pandemic


Amidst the covid-19 scare, many expectant mothers have had sleepless nights over going into labor and getting admitted to a labor ward.

It’s natural to be worried right? After all, your partner might not be allowed entry into the labor room while you’re delivering; you may have to deliver in a mask, no other family member can be around to avoid overcrowding; your doctor might look scary wearing protective gear and so on.

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There is there is the fear of contracting covid-19 and also giving it your newborn. But you before you begin panicking, let us understand the evidence we have regarding pregnancy, birth, and the coronavirus pandemic:

1. There has been no documented vertical transmission of coronavirus during pregnancy (from infected mother’s placenta to the baby).

2. You don’t need to worry about acquiring an infection while you are in the hospital for delivery as infected cases are kept in a separate isolation ward with a separate entry and exit from hospital premises. All precautions are taken by healthcare providers for your and newborn’s safety.

Your obstetrician shall truly be your support system while you give birth.Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Your obstetrician and her team will ensure that you have a positive birth experience.

4. A lot of birthing centers and labor wards still allow your husband to be with you while you deliver, unless he has coronavirus symptoms

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