15 Proven Health Benefits Of Almonds: Nutrition, Side Effects, How To Eat And Other Details

15 proven health benefits of almonds nutrition side effects how to eat and other details

Sumary of 15 Proven Health Benefits Of Almonds: Nutrition, Side Effects, How To Eat And Other Details:

  • Health Benefits Of Almonds 1. Helps in weight loss Almonds are low in calories, and contain complex carbohydrates, proteins and fibre, which are known to reduce satiety, thus helping you lose weight easily.
  • Soaked almonds promote faster weight loss compared to raw or roasted almonds as the outer skin is removed.
  • According to a study, almonds have a potential role in reducing the weight in obese individuals, along with reducing the waist circumference, total cholesterol and waist-to-hip circumference.
  • [3] 2. Improves digestion Roasted, soaked and chopped almonds are popular among healthy snack foods.
  • Almonds have a rigid texture which makes them hard to break in the stomach during digestion.
  • Studies say that when almonds are roasted, soaked and chopped, their hardness and particle size decreases, which increases their digestion and absorption in the small intestine and releases sufficient energy.
  • Also, consumption of different almonds forms impacts the gastrointestinal microbiome in different ways, and all the aforementioned forms benefit positively.
  • 3. Improves brain function and memory A study has shown that almonds have the potential to inhibit age-related brain dysfunction and neurodegenerative diseases like cognitive decline, poor memory, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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