17 Vaccine Card Holders That Keep Your Record Safe


Sumary of 17 Vaccine Card Holders That Keep Your Record Safe:

  • Johnson shot comes in the form of a small vaccine record card—a card that, despite its importance in reopening the economy and traveling, is made of very easily damaged paper that’s small enough to lose—but somehow large enough to not fit most wallets..
  • Luckily, like face mask chains before them, the internet’s enterprising retailers have answered the moment with a slew of great vaccine card holders..
  • These clever vaccine record card protectors are designed specifically to fit your four-inch-by-three-inch card, and furthermore, they address any of your specific personal needs:.
  • Some are waterproof and clearly display your card with the ability to clip onto a lanyard or keychain, some double as wallets, while others can protect both your passport and your vaccine card, should you want to travel abroad or simply store these important documents together..
  • Whatever your needs, you’ll find options in all manner of materials, styles, and sizes—so you never need worry about keeping your vaccine card safe…

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