17 Warning Signs That You’re Having a Midlife Crisis, According to Experts


Sumary of 17 Warning Signs That You’re Having a Midlife Crisis, According to Experts:

  • The Money Monster Mitch McConnell Created Finally Turned On Him Samuel Corum/GettyIt turns out that Mitch McConnell doesn’t actually think corporations are people or that money is speech if the companies in question aren’t speaking his language..
  • is mad because large employers in Georgia eventually got around to responding to a voter suppression law there that may as well have been authored by Lester Maddox..
  • The companies came out for the controversial proposition, in GOP circles, that every American should have the right and opportunity to vote.And that isn’t what McConnell signed up for as he spent the past three decades waging war on behalf of unregulated corporate cash “right”.
  • What he meant, as anyone who’s watched his incredibly destructive career knows, is that those corporations were welcome to bestow wheelbarrows of cash upon Republicans, to relieve him of the burden of having to actually develop policy ideas to improve Americans’ lives and get around the fact he’s a charisma event horizon.The Christian Right Mastermind Behind Citizens United Says It Good for DemocracyThat money also helps him buy off Senate Republicans, who just happen to be the electorate for Republican leader..
  • It allowed McConnell to have a Senate career one might consider a tribute to Seinfeld, in that it’s been about absolutely nothing..
  • As long as corporations paid up and shared opinions he liked—low taxation, deregulation, free trade—Mitch was more of a “speak up, fair CEO’s”.
  • On those issues, as far as McConnell’s concerned, you can spend the night, but just leave your check on the nightstand before heading home..
  • No talking.To be fair, McConnell been principled in that position—that corporate donations are good only insofar as they’re good for McConnell—for as long as he been in politics, as Alec MacGillis details in The Cynic:.
  • In 1973, McConnell published an op-ed favoring partially publicly financing campaigns and setting limits on spending.By 1987, Senator McConnell “sponsored a proposed constitutional amendment giving Congress the power to limit independent expenditures on campaigns and on candidates’ use of personal funds for their own races.”.
  • Huddleston, was favored by PACS, to the chagrin of McConnell.But that would change once Mitch mastered the art of the shakedown..
  • When a group of Republican senators signed onto a campaign-finance reform measure in the late ‘90s, McConnell, in his position as NRSC chair, advised them that they could expect no electoral support from the committee unless they switched their position..
  • Then in 1999, when the Committee for Economic Development (CED)—a trade group representing large corporations—announced its support for a ban on soft money, McConnell wrote a furious letter, on NRSC letterhead, to leaders of companies belonging to CED, denouncing the group “all-out campaign to eviscerate private-sector participation in politics,”…

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