A promising strategy to treat inflammation during severe COVID-19


Sumary of A promising strategy to treat inflammation during severe COVID-19:

  • Blocking excessive complement activity in lung epithelial cells with a combination of existing chemotherapy and antiviral medications – ruxolitinib and remdesivir, respectively – helped normalize the production of complement proteins by infected lung epithelial cells in human cell culture experiments, the researchers found..
  • Related Stories Overactivation of complement proteins can contribute to diseases such as acute respiratory distress syndrome, and increasing evidence suggests that excessive complement responses also correlate with disease severity in patients with severe COVID-19..
  • To dig into this question, Bingyu Yan and colleagues analyzed bulk and single cell RNA-sequencing data from blood and lung tissues of patients with COVID-19 and compared them with those from healthy controls..
  • In COVID-19 patients, the complement system was one of the most highly induced pathways in lung epithelial cells infected by SARS-CoV-2, as indicated by the high expression of genes that control expression and activation of complement protein C3..
  • Further analyses showed that the IFN-JAK1/2-STAT1 inflammatory pathway and NF-κB transcription factor were highly involved in the transcription of complement genes in infected lung epithelial cells…

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