A ‘Stunning’ Alternative Rx for Arthritic Joints?

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Sumary of A ‘Stunning’ Alternative Rx for Arthritic Joints?:

  • The procedure is a form of radiofrequency ablation, where doctors use needles to send a low-grade electrical current to nerves that are transmitting pain signals from the arthritic joint to the brain..
  • To find out, Gonzalez and his colleagues treated 23 patients whose hip or shoulder pain had become so bad that anti-inflammatory painkillers and cortisone injections — two standard treatments — were no longer helping..
  • Before undergoing ablation, and again three months later, patients answered standard questionnaires gauging their pain and daily function..
  • In the end, the study found, patients with shoulder arthritis reported an 85% drop in their pain ratings, on average…

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