A Woman May Have Rid Herself Naturally of HIV — But How?

a woman may have rid herself naturally of hiv but how

Sumary of A Woman May Have Rid Herself Naturally of HIV — But How?:

  • 16, 2021 — Researchers have identified a second HIV-positive person whose body might have naturally cleared the infection — sparking hope that studying such exceedingly rare events will help lead to a cure.
  • But in exhaustive tests of over 1.5 billion cells from her body, the scientists could not find any HIV genetic material that is capable of spurring infection.
  • The woman, whom the researchers call the Esperanza patient (after her birthplace of Esperanza, Argentina), is the second known person to have potentially cleared HIV infection naturally.
  • The first case, a woman dubbed the San Francisco patient, was reported last year by some of the same researchers.
  • If the two patients have achieved a natural cure, the big question is: How?
  • “How do we translate this to the general population of HIV-positive patients?
  • 16 issue of Annals of Internal of Medicine, and the San Francisco case were discovered through ongoing research of so-called “elite controllers.
  • ” They are a very select group of HIV-positive people who are able to control the virus without the help of standard antiretroviral therapy (ART).

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