A woman who sold her underwear, used socks, and photos of her feet to men on Reddit made up to $500 …

a woman who sold her underwear used socks and photos of her feet to men on reddit made up to 500 a month for 4 years heres how she did it

Sumary of A woman who sold her underwear, used socks, and photos of her feet to men on Reddit made up to $500 a month for 4 years — here's how she did it:

  • Carla, a retired erotic content creator, used to make $500 per month from selling her used underwear and socks.
  • Carla says she started on Reddit with selling pictures of her feet Later, she met an erotic content agency owner who sent her clients seeking used undergarments, and her business took off.
  • Carla heard her peers joke about getting sugar daddies, and as an avid Reddit user, she’d seen forums where men requested foot pictures, used trash, undergarments, and text banter in exchange for money.
  • She’s since decided to pursue a career in finance and no longer has the time for her erotic business, Carla told Insider.
  • Once Carla got her footing, she started to sell underwear and socksOn Tinder, she met a man looking to recruit women to sell erotic foot content on his website.
  • Though she didn’t mind creating and selling foot-specific content, Carla noticed women who sold used underwear and socks tended to charge more for their services.
  • “As more men requested specific sock and underwear brands, or specified the amount of time they wanted Carla to wear an item, she created a menu for future clients.
  • The menu an erotic content creator made for clients requesting used socks and underwear.

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