ABX464 safe, effective in treating patients with ulcerative colitis


Sumary of ABX464 safe, effective in treating patients with ulcerative colitis:

  • Abivax announced positive phase 2b clinical induction and results for ABX464 in the treatment of patients with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, according to a press release..
  • Further, compared with placebo, patients dosed with ABX464 demonstrated endoscopic improvement, clinical remission, clinical response and reduction of fecal calprotectin..
  • Researchers observed further increased and durable clinical remission and endoscopic improvement in 51 patients treated with ABX464 50 mg after 48 weeks of open-label maintenance..
  • “The phase 2b results demonstrate the potential of ABX464 to become a gamechanger for the treatment of UC patients in need of new therapeutic management options..
  • “Based on these data, we are now moving forward as quickly as possible with our phase 3 plan in ulcerative colitis as well as phase 2b/3 in Crohn disease to bring ABX464 to the many patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.”…

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