Africa: Ending HIV in Children Is Way Off Target – Where to Focus Action Now


Sumary of Africa: Ending HIV in Children Is Way Off Target – Where to Focus Action Now:

  • World leaders have recently, under the auspices of the United Nations, renewed their commitment to ending AIDS..
  • The adopted political declaration and its recommendations offer strategies for ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV and paediatric AIDS..
  • The commitments include an interim target of suppressing the viral loads of 75% of all children living with HIV by 2023..
  • These include early infant diagnosis at the point of care, family testing and self-testing to find older children and adolescents who are not on treatment..
  • Failure to achieve these targets for children and adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa, home to 90% of the children living with HIV, means that new infections will continue to increase and HIV related mortality will be a reality for decades to come..
  • The June 2021 United Nations high level meeting was an opportunity to get the paediatric HIV response on track..
  • In line with the 2021 political declaration, we emphasise that national governments should review their national strategies and commit resources to three key paediatric HIV issues..
  • Of equal concern, antiretroviral therapy coverage for pregnant women living with HIV is considerably lower in western and central African countries such as Nigeria and Angola (below 50%) than in southern Africa….

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