Africa: The World Needs the G7 to Invest In All Our Futures


Sumary of Africa: The World Needs the G7 to Invest In All Our Futures:

  • The perfect storm of these huge issues is why it is in the self-interest of the G7 and other affluent nations to use the next few weeks to reach an agreement that takes a lead globally..
  • Similar proposals from the IMF estimate that by investing to ensure 60% global vaccination coverage by 2022, the world economy would secure a 35 fold return on investment..
  • That is a staggering return in any market – jobs preserved, lives saved, health costs averted all just by frontloading vaccinations now that will have to be delivered anyway..
  • The rapid spread of new variants is a wake-up call for us all and we must help ensure vaccines are available in countries currently under pressure..
  • Firstly, ensuring that everyone everywhere has access to vaccines well before the end of 2022 so that, second, the world can get on with the economic recovery that will underpin all our prosperity;.
  • and third, if we are to tackle the long-term challenges to our survival, we must ensure a green job-rich recovery for all so we can confront the climate crisis together…

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