Americans drank more to relieve stress amid pandemic, especially women


Sumary of Americans drank more to relieve stress amid pandemic, especially women:

  • While Americans have shifted to heavier alcohol use during the pandemic, studies indicate a concerning pattern among women as they drank to relieve stress, boredom and the pain from social isolation..
  • Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, told Fox News in an interview that women are generally more sensitive to stress than men..
  • Women are generally more sensitive to stress than men, which resulted in an increase in alcohol use amid the pandemic, an expert said..
  • Next, alcohol consumption and its associated disinhibition can sometimes lead to relaxed physical distancing, or getting too close to another person and potentially facilitating transmission of viral infection, Koob said..
  • Fourth, those vulnerable to relapse were more likely to consume alcohol amid the pandemic, compounded by barriers to treatment..
  • “There is a subgroup of individuals, [where] once they have engaged in alcohol for social pleasurable reasons, then find it useful, at least temporarily to blot out the memories of the emotional pain and stress and so they start using alcohol in a self-medicating kind of way,”.
  • What more, the gap in alcohol use between men and women has been narrowing over the last 50 years, Koob said, owing to the blurring line, in part, to women boosted integration in the workplace pre-pandemic..
  • drinking the same amount of alcohol for women, even of same weight, will convey a higher blood alcohol level simply due to differences in body water distribution, meaning it takes fewer drinks to reach the same blood alcohol levels….

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