An atomic look at lithium-rich batteries


Sumary of An atomic look at lithium-rich batteries:

  • A team of researchers believes a paradigm shift is necessary to make a significant impact in battery technology for these industries..
  • Findings published in Nature mark the first time direct observation of this anionic redox reaction has been observed in a lithium-rich battery material..
  • Scientists need a clear understanding of how these oxides work at the atomic level, and how their underlying electrochemical mechanisms play a role, to address this..
  • Normal Li-ion batteries work by cationic redox, when a metal ion changes its oxidation state as lithium is inserted or removed..
  • This is the mechanism credited with the high capacity of the materials, nearly doubling the energy storage compared to conventional cathodes..
  • Although this redox mechanism has emerged as the leading contender among battery technologies, it signifies a pivot in materials chemistry research..
  • The team set out to provide conclusive evidence for the redox mechanism utilizing Compton scattering, the phenomenon by which a photon deviates from a straight trajectory after interacting with a particle (usually an electron)..
  • The researchers performed sophisticated theoretical and experimental studies at SPring-8, the world’s largest third-generation synchrotron radiation facility which is operated by JASRI….

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