Asia Today: Modi gets 2nd vaccine dose as India hits record


Sumary of Asia Today: Modi gets 2nd vaccine dose as India hits record:

  • The new cases reported by the Health Ministry overtook Wednesday 115,736 infections with dozens of cities and towns imposing night curfews to try to contain infections..
  • The federal government has refused to impose a second nationwide lockdown, after the first last year had a steep economic impact, but it has asked states to decide on imposing local restrictions to contain the spread of the virus..
  • The government closed schools and entertainment venues in response, but as the outbreak grows, a defunct hotel has been converted into a coronavirus hospital and criminal punishments are being imposed for violating health rules..
  • — South Korea reported another 700 new cases as the coronavirus spreads at a rate near what was seen during the worst of its outbreak in winter..
  • Around 500 of the new cases came from the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area, which has been the center of the country outbreak..
  • They say they will decide over the weekend whether to resume administrating AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines to people 60 and younger..
  • The European Medicine Agency emphasized the benefits of receiving AstraZeneca vaccine continue to outweigh the risks for most people..
  • Cases in the Yunnan province city of Ruili have topped 100, including those not showing symptoms, but a vaccination campaign and stay-home orders appear to have curbed large-scale transmission…

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