AstraZeneca’s blood clot risk is incredibly small. Australia shouldn’t follow the UKR …


Sumary of AstraZeneca’s blood clot risk is incredibly small. Australia shouldn’t follow the UK’s lead of offering under 30s another vaccine:

  • Authorities in the United Kingdom overnight recommended people under 30 be offered an alternative COVID vaccine to the AstraZeneca/Oxford shot..
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison said this morning “there nothing to suggest at this stage that there would be any change”.
  • Blood clotting events linked to vaccination are being called “vaccine-induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia”.
  • Limited data that is yet to be peer reviewed suggests antibodies targeting platelets cause them to become activated and trigger clotting..
  • Like infections, vaccines trigger an immune response, so when receiving any shot that stimulates a robust immune response there a small but real risk your immune system will generate “off target”.
  • In these rare instances, these effects can lead to autoimmunity, which is an immune response that attacks your own cells..
  • The UK vaccine advisory board said there were 79 cases of blood clotting issues among more than 20 million people given the AstraZeneca vaccine..
  • Australia shouldn’t follow the UK new recommendation One reason the UK is able to advise younger people to receive other vaccines is because it has other vaccine options, including the Pfizer and Moderna shots…

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