Biden just unveiled a new set of vaccine rules

biden just unveiled a new set of vaccine rules

Sumary of Biden just unveiled a new set of vaccine rules:

  • What’s ahead for Amazon Care Kicking off the week, Blake Dodge had the scoop on Amazon’s expansion plans for its medical-care service over the next year.
  • Exclusive: Amazon has ambitious plans to bring in-person medical care to 20 more US cities The abortion pill is legal in all fifty states.
  • Cavan Images/ Getty Images Investors are betting on online abortion care On the heels of Texas’ abortion ban, Mohana Ravindranath took a closer look at some of the online abortion care companies that have been popping up in recent years.
  • The approach is similar to other virtual care companies: medical providers prescribe early-stage abortion medication, with a total cost of about $240-$350. People tend to pay themselves, rather than using insurance.
  • Startup founders and VCs are stepping up as states like Texas restrict abortion access Shannon Stapleton/Reuters;
  • Samantha Lee/Insider Meet Patient Square Capital and the man behind it This week, Allison DeAngelis took a closer look at a key healthcare dealmaker, Jim Momtazee.
  • He left private equity giant KKR in 2019, and last year launched his own firm Patient Square Capital, which is looking to raise $3 billion.

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