Britain’s dogs have put on an average of 3.3kg each since pandemic began


Sumary of Britain’s dogs have put on an average of 3.3kg each since pandemic began:

  • With an estimated 10.1 million pet dog owners in the UK, this adds up to a whopping 33.3 million kilograms of extra weight, equivalent to 100 Boeing 747 jumbo jets, across the nation.The survey of 1,500 dog owners found 33 percent believe their pets’ lockdown lard is due to them dipping into the treat tin more often while home working..
  • While a quarter also take their dog on fewer walks, thanks to longer working hours and a lack of routine at home..
  • The research, commissioned by Guide Dogs ahead of its annual ‘Walk Your Socks Off’ fundraising challenge, shows when it comes to doggy exercise, 24 percent aren’t totally sure how much exercise their dog needs each day..
  • With almost half (49 percent) of home workers saying their own snacking has increased, it clear this has also extended to their dogs..
  • Reasons for giving extra pet treats include trying to keep pets quiet during important conferencing calls (12 percent) and to curb incessant barking when home deliveries arrive (11 percent)..
  • Nearly a quarter put extra snacking down the fact they are spending more time with their dogs (23 percent), whereas one in five just can’t resist their puppy eyes..
  • Guide Dogs’ Head of Research Dr Helen Whiteside has shared her top tips on preventing – and banishing – the dreaded lockdown lard..
  • We use a 9-point body condition score at Guide Dogs, with a dog ideally sitting in the middle at a ‘4’ or ‘5’…

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