Can a subscription model fix primary care in the US?


Sumary of Can a subscription model fix primary care in the US?:

  • In April, San Francisco-based primary care company One Medical revealed an eye-popping compensation package for its chief executive and chairman, Amir Dan Rubin..
  • His $199 million payday, particularly noteworthy at a company that has yet to turn a profit, made Rubin the second-highest-paid CEO in the United States last year — but only on paper..
  • For Rubin to get all that cash, the stock of One Medical, traded as 1Life Healthcare, must rise sharply over the next seven years, to nearly triple its current price..
  • In short, his compensation is less a quick jackpot than a general statement of One Medical’s ambitious vision of primary care that is more accessible, technologically enabled and patient-friendly, while cutting health costs for employers and individuals..
  • Loads of other firms, ranging from small start-ups to larger, more established companies, are selling similar concepts of new and improved primary care..
  • workers and their dependents, and have long been frustrated with spotty primary care and perpetually rising health costs..
  • primary care companies, as they are often called, face stiff competition from one another as well as the large regional health systems and their affiliated physician groups, which still dominate the field..
  • Analysts say these emerging primary care companies have significant room for growth because of mounting frustration with the medical status quo and because they currently have only a tiny share of the $260 billion U.S….

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