Can spectacles full of LIQUID stop you feeling travel sick?


Sumary of Can spectacles full of LIQUID stop you feeling travel sick?:

  • But for a significant number, motion sickness (or kinetosis) is a major barrier to getting away, affecting around one in five people in the UK..
  • Angela Epstein asked Dr Richard Dawood, a GP and travel medicine specialist, to assess motion sickness products, which we then rated..
  • Applied to the skin behind the ear six hours before travel, the maker says these patches, which contain the drug hyoscine, will ‘prevent the symptoms of motion sickness such as nausea, vomiting and vertigo’..
  • Wrap-around, foldable glasses, these have blue liquid in the rim of the frame that oscillates with your movement to create an ‘artificial’ stable horizon to look at — the maker says these will reduce travel sickness after just ten minutes..
  • Creating a stable image to look at is key as motion sickness is caused by a mismatch between motion and sensory signals from the eyes and ears..
  • This effect is probably most helpful when there is rolling from side-to-side such as on a boat or during flight turbulence, and less useful for car sickness triggered by speeding and slowing, as that doesn’t change the horizon..
  • You apply one behind each ear before travel and the maker says they last up to three days and don’t cause drowsiness..
  • These tablets contain cinnarizine, an antihistamine that prevents the vomiting centre of the brain from receiving nerve messages from the inner ear..
  • Adults and children 12 years or older are advised to take two tablets two hours before travel, then one tablet every eight hours during the journey if needed..
  • If the head is moving a lot, such as in stop/start travel, this drug should stop signals to the brain that cause nausea, dizziness or vomiting..
  • This is another effective option, but needs to be taken pre-emptively — travel sickness tablets are not helpful if you are already feeling sick..
  • These pills may also cause drowsiness, which might help if you’re a bad traveller who struggles to sleep — but not if you’re driving..
  • ‘A safe and effective anti-nausea wristband that prevents and relieves nausea and vomiting induced by motion sickness and morning sickness,’ says the maker..
  • The theory is that acupressure prevents or postpones the brain from transmitting nausea signals, reducing the sensation of sickness..
  • The oils have been selected because of their use in alternative medicine for settling sickness (ginger) and for anti-stress properties (lavender — which is also a sedative)…

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