Can you teach yourself to sleep? Ex-insomniac reveals how she tackled her chronic problem


Sumary of Can you teach yourself to sleep? Ex-insomniac reveals how she tackled her chronic problem:

  • As the clock hit 3am, she would feel a knot form in her stomach while her mind was still racing, and would eventually rely on sleeping pills to feel drowsy enough to drift off..
  • sitting on the bed wishing I could just go straight back to sleep because I’d only managed to get a couple of hours’ rest,”.
  • After trying all manner of traditional methods to cure her poor sleep – such as ear plugs and essential oils – a serendipitous reading of a book by her great-great uncle, a leading thinker in clinical hypnosis, led Mikhail on a journey of research..
  • What the Times and Guardian journalist uncovered while delving into the science behind the mind-body loop eventually led to a regimen that allowed her to take back control over her sleep..
  • Her great-great uncle Richard Waters had written about how our thoughts affect our body pre-sleep prep in his book So Built We The Wall..
  • So what are her main takeaways for other insomniacs that are constantly feeling tired, cranky and drained of the energy they need to manage modern life stresses and responsibilities?.
  • “Start focusing on what you are achieving to reinforce your sleep-wake cycle, so you’re reassured that you’re feeding into that mind-body loop that setting you up for a better night sleep.”…

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