Cannabis use may confer increased admission for acute MI, worse outcomes in PCI


Sumary of Cannabis use may confer increased admission for acute MI, worse outcomes in PCI:

  • Two studies presented at the virtual American Heart Association Scientific Sessions explored the prevalence of cannabis use among patients who presented with acute MI in addition to their outcomes after PCI..
  • “Spreading awareness regarding the potential risk of recurrent heart attacks in middle-aged, African American and male cannabis users and screening them at an earlier age for potential risk factors of future heart attacks should be encouraged among clinicians,”.
  • “In addition, the role of medicinal cannabis, its benefits and potential risks with regard to cardiovascular management needs to be validated in larger studies.”.
  • “There was an alarming rise in the trend of cannabis use among patients who have already had a heart attack or coronary revascularization procedure during the study period,”.
  • “Another concerning finding was that the frequency of recurrent heart attacks and cardiac interventions was higher among cannabis users, even though they were younger and had fewer risk factors for heart disease.”.
  • Cannabis and PCI In a second analysis, Sang Gune Yoo, MD, internal medicine resident physician at the University of Michigan, and colleagues evaluated the statewide Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan Cardiovascular Consortium (n = 113,477;.
  • 3.5% self-identified cannabis users) to determine the association between cannabis use and in-hospital outcomes after PCI..
  • “As marijuana is becoming more accessible across the U.S., there is a need for rigorous research to better understand the effects of marijuana use on cardiovascular health,”…

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