Careful Planning Helps Me Manage UC at Work

careful planning helps me manage uc at work

Sumary of Careful Planning Helps Me Manage UC at Work:

  • Although managing the symptoms of ulcerative colitis isn’t easy, I feel fortunate that my job as a college professor made it easier for me to manage my frequent bowel movements when I was newly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and struggling to control my condition.
  • My father worked for over 30 years as a delivery driver, and I’ve often thought about how difficult it would be to have an inflammatory bowel disease and a job that lacks easy, consistent access to a bathroom.
  • When I was having as many as 10 bowel movements a day, I was able to avoid trouble by going to the bathroom right before class and meetings and immediately after them.
  • I developed it over the course of a couple of months in the fall of 2016 as my condition worsened and my bowel movements became much more frequent than they had been in spring semester or the summer.
  • Ulcerative colitis can make bowel movements extremely urgent.
  • If you suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease and work in a job without easy, consistent access to a bathroom, I suggest talking to your supervisor about your needs.

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