CDC: Monkeypox Virus Case Confirmed In Maryland, Second In U.S. In 2021

cdc monkeypox virus case confirmed in maryland second in u s in 2021

Sumary of CDC: Monkeypox Virus Case Confirmed In Maryland, Second In U.S. In 2021:

  • (Photo By JUDY GRIESEDIECK/Star Tribune via Getty Images) Star Tribune via Getty Images Here’s one reason why you shouldn’t fake having monkeypox to get out of a date or work: public health authorities take such cases very seriously.
  • Case in point: when a patient in Maryland was recently diagnosed with monkeypox after traveling in Nigeria, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) soon got involved in the investigation.
  • ” Public health authorities had to act quickly because monkeypox, while rare, can be a deadly disease.
  • Currently, there is no treatment proven to be safe and effective against monkeypox.
  • Monkeypox is caused by, surprise, surprise, the monkeypox virus.
  • While a monkeypox case certainly isn’t great news, Maryland state officials have been emphasizing that this is not a “public health crisis,” as relayed by this CBS13 WJZ report: This marks only the seventh time that documented human monkeypox infections have appeared outside the continent of Africa.
  • It turned out that the monkeypox virus made its way into a shipment of rodents from Ghana imported to Texas.
  • This shipment, which included at least two African giant pouched rats, nine infected dormice, and three infected rope squirrels were infected with monkeypox virus, was kept close to prairie dogs at and Illinois facility.

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