CGM Benefits Type 2 Diabetes Management, 2 New Studies Show


Sumary of CGM Benefits Type 2 Diabetes Management, 2 New Studies Show:

  • Researchers tested the effectiveness of the two different monitoring devices in 175 participants with type 2 diabetes who were being treated with insulin..
  • Participants’ average hemoglobin A1C levels, which show average blood sugar levels over about three months, were at 9.1 percent..
  • Readings above 6.5 percent indicate type 2 diabetes, and readings above 8 percent indicate that blood sugar could be better controlled, and this level is associated with an increased risk of complications..
  • At the start of the study, researchers randomly assigned 116 people to use CGMs and 56 people to use traditional blood glucose monitors for eight months..
  • By the end of follow-up, they had average A1C levels of 8 percent with continuous glucose monitoring compared with 8.4 percent with traditional blood glucose monitors..
  • Part of the difference in results may come down to how often patients test their blood when left to their own devices..
  • While the continuous glucose monitors used in the study checked blood sugar levels every five minutes without any action required by patients, the people using traditional blood glucose monitors checked theirs only 1.5 times a day on average..
  • “Glucose levels fluctuate a lot during the day, particularly in patients using insulin, and these one or two measurements often are not representative of glucose levels at other times of the day,”…

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