’Chaos’: Warning over rare star sign event

chaos warning over rare star sign event

Sumary of ’Chaos’: Warning over rare star sign event:

  • Experts have warned a rare blood moon eclipse happening Friday night will put us all “on edge” and force “massive endings”.
  • A rare “blood moon eclipse” we’ve not seen for more than 500 years is set to occur on Friday night – and experts say we should prepare for chaos as it will “wreak havoc” on our emotions.
  • It will be the longest partial lunar eclipse this century — lasting three hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds — however, dependant on where you are in Australia, it will only be visible for small windows of time.
  • While it is technically only a “partial eclipse” as the moon’s face will be 97 per cent covered by the deepest part of the Earth’s shadow, it will still have a strong astrological effect USA Today reports.
  • It will also temporarily turn the moon a deep red colour, making it a “blood moon”.
  • The last “blood moon eclipse” that lasted this long was 580 years ago, according to Forbes.
  • Lunar eclipses are one of the most intense tools that the universe uses to “shift our paths and force us to evolve”, US astrologer Kyle Thomas told the NY Post.
  • ”The popular horoscopes guru, who has more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, explained lunar eclipses bring “massive endings, turning points and revelations to our lives”.

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