Childhood insomnia that persists into adulthood impacts mental health of young adults


Sumary of Childhood insomnia that persists into adulthood impacts mental health of young adults:

  • Of internalizing disorders in young adults, according to findings from a 15-year longitudinal study presented at the virtual SLEEP 2021 meeting..
  • Researchers first published the findings in Sleep, the journal of the Sleep Research Society, and presented recently at the society annual meeting, which is being held virtually..
  • Findings from Fernandez-Mendoza and colleagues showed that early sleep interventions are needed to prevent future mental health problems..
  • Adobe Stock “We found that about 40% of children do not outgrow their insomnia symptoms in the transition to adolescence and are at risk of developing mental health disorders later on during early adulthood,”.
  • Fernandez-Mendoza, PhD, associate professor and director of the behavioral sleep medicine training program at Penn State Health Sleep Research and Treatment Center in Hummelstown, Penn., said in a press release..
  • Research has demonstrated a correlation between childhood insomnia symptoms, such as problems falling asleep or staying asleep, and internalizing disorders, but “little is known”.
  • about the developmental trajectories of insomnia symptoms and the related risk for internalizing disorders as a childhood transitions into adulthood..
  • Fernandez-Mendoza and colleagues analyzed the risk for internalizing in young adulthood in connection with the longitudinal trajectories of insomnia symptoms across three developmental stages….

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