Chromosomes separation under focus

chromosomes separation under focus

Sumary of Chromosomes separation under focus:

  • To achieve this, several inhibitory proteins independently block the activity of separase until the chromosomes have to be separated.
  • High resolution electron microscopy used to reveal regulatory mechanisms In this study led by the team of Andreas Boland, professor in the Department of Molecular Biology at the UNIGE Faculty of Science, the scientists used cryogenic electron microscopy (cryoEM).
  • “This technique allows us to observe biological samples at very high resolution, while maintaining them in their natural state,” explains Jun Yu, researcher in the Department of Molecular Biology and first author of this study.
  • “It turns out that these inhibitors occupy sites that also recognize the cohesin substrate, blocking the cleavage activity of the molecular scissors,” explains Andreas Boland.
  • Inhibiting a protein by changing its conformation While one of the inhibitors, securin, binds directly to the molecular scissors to block its active site, another inhibitor — the CCC complex — acts through a more sophisticated mechanism.

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