Clean carpet – how to get rid of hair and fluff with one simple product


Instead of attempting to give your carpet a proper clean with a combination of a vacuum and brute force, which only leave both you and the carpet in a state of disrepair, try investing in a tool that has been specifically designed to nip this issue in the bud with ease.

A carpet scraper is a tool which is taking the cleaning world by storm, with adoptees of the device amazed with how much fur, dust, dirt, and more is coming out of their ‘clean’ carpets every time they use it. Because while your carpets may appear clean after a vacuum, chances are there’s a build-up beneath the surface that will make you cringe to think of your pre-carpet scraper cleaning routine.

Despite the somewhat aggressive sounding name, carpet scrapers are perfectly safe to be used on the carpets in your home.

To use it, all you need to do is give your carpets a vacuum as you normally would, and then finish off by dragging the carpet scraper across the carpet.

This will help to dislodge and collect pet hair and other debris that is trapped within the carpet so you can easily remove it.

Especially pertinent for those who struggle with allergies, you can easily clean and remove the particles that may be aggravating your symptoms.

A bonus aspect of these tools are they aren’t just limited to carpets, they can be used on curtains, couches, cars, beds, blankets, and anything else that’s covered in a fabric that falls victim to excess pet hair or dust trappings…

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