Colleges and universities plan for normal-ish campus life in the fall


Sumary of Colleges and universities plan for normal-ish campus life in the fall:

  • When she describes what the fall 2021 term will look like at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and other colleges nationwide..
  • In the era of covid, the word conjures up images of campus life that university administrators know won’t exist again for quite some time..
  • “We believe that higher education generally will be able to resume a kind of normal activity in the fall of ’21, and by that I mean students in classrooms and in the residence halls, others on campus, and things generally open,”.
  • Most of the schools expect to have students living on campus but attending only some classes in person or attending only on selected days — one way to stagger the head count and to limit classroom exposure..
  • We’re going to be offering vaccinations on campus, and we need tracking mechanisms so that we can perform contact tracing when it’s called for.”.
  • Students generally fall well down on the priority list to receive covid vaccines, so schools are left to hope that vaccination of adults will keep covid rates too low to cause major campus outbreaks..
  • The University of Houston recently announced it would return to full pre-pandemic levels of campus activity, as did the University of Minnesota..
  • Boston University president Robert Brown said students will return this fall to classrooms, studios and laboratories “without the social distancing protocols that have been in place since last September.”.
  • The University of South Carolina plans to return residence halls to normal occupancy, with face-to-face classes and the resumption of other operations at the 35,000-student main campus, Debbie Beck, the school’s chief health officer, announced last month..
  • At some of the largest state institutions, however, it’s clear that a campus-by-campus decision-making process remains in play..
  • In December, the California State University system, a behemoth that enrolls nearly half a million students, announced plans for “primarily in-person”.
  • The 17,000-student Chico State campus plans to offer about a quarter of its fall course sections either fully in person or blended, president Gayle Hutchinson wrote to the campus community in February..
  • The 285,000-student University of California system in January declared a return to primarily in-person instruction for fall, but said specific plans and protocols would be announced by each of its 10 campuses..
  • Places like UCLA, in Los Angeles County, which was ravaged by sky-high infection rates for months, could wind up with far fewer in-person classes than UC campuses in Merced or Santa Cruz….

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