Colorado bill aims to give farmworkers easier access to medical care


Sumary of Colorado bill aims to give farmworkers easier access to medical care:

  • To Nicole Civita, policy director with Colorado advocacy group Project Protect Food Systems Workers, such stories encapsulate an entrenched power dynamic that covid-19 has brought into focus:.
  • Among its provisions is a requirement that the more than 3,000 Colorado farmworkers who live in employer-provided housing be able to visit, or be visited by, medical professionals and community health workers..
  • States including Florida, Maryland, Oregon and Wisconsin have guaranteed farmworkers the right to see health care providers where they live..
  • The pandemic spurred North Carolina to reiterate that employers cannot bar health care providers from visiting farmworkers living on their property..
  • He wanted medical attention, she said, but was worried about being caught sneaking out of his employer-provided housing, which is surrounded by tall chain-link fencing, much of it topped with razor wire..
  • A foreman watched over the camp and allowed just three or four workers to leave each day, he told Rodriguez, who volunteers as a community outreach worker and recounted the story to lawmakers in March..
  • Amy Kunugi, general manager of Southern Colorado Farms, said that the razor wire is intended to deter break-ins during the off-season and that the farm has never policed employees’ comings and goings..
  • Nationally, according to the Department of Labor’s National Agricultural Workers Survey of 2015-16, about 15% of crop workers lived in employer-provided housing, and a little under half said they had health insurance….

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