CooperVision announces partnerships to fight myopia


Sumary of CooperVision announces partnerships to fight myopia:

  • CooperVision has partnered with the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the World Council of Optometry to address worldwide myopia and promote a standard of care for the disease, the company announced in recent press releases..
  • Rajeev Garg, PhD, global head of myopia management strategy for CooperVision said in the release on the partnership with the AAO..
  • “By partnering with the American Academy of Ophthalmology on this new initiative, we’ll be able to reach a broader spectrum of clinicians, officials and parents who play an essential role in improving the vision, long-term ocular health and overall lives of children.”.
  • CooperVision said in another release that it has expanded its financial support to the World Council of Optometry as well, announcing a partnership to establish global resources including “multilingual myopia management resources and programming.”.
  • “Together with CooperVision, which has been instrumental in creating the myopia management category over the past decade, we can make an even greater impact by providing the platforms, tools and support needed for further progress,”…

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