Coronavirus: China opens up vaccination to people from Hong Kong and Macau on mainland


Sumary of Coronavirus: China opens up vaccination to people from Hong Kong and Macau on mainland:

  • Residents who choose not to join the current inoculation drive may have to pay for the jabs in future, the NHC said..
  • “Every day I see the news from Hong Kong that someone is unwell or died after the vaccination I’m a little afraid..
  • Peter Yuen, a 33-year-old Hong Kong-born marketing graduate who runs a snack delivery start-up in Panyu, a booming district in Guangzhou, also has no plans to get vaccinated after seeing the news..
  • Yuen said he was not worried about the safety of vaccines because domestic vaccines should not have quality problems, and he believed those who died after vaccination in Hong Kong were usually elderly or had chronic diseases..
  • Yuen said he would not be vaccinated “mostly for my personal reasons – my wife and I are currently preparing for pregnancy and I also have to teach tennis lessons part-time every week”..
  • The country has previously excluded its senior population from inoculation, saying there was not sufficient trial data for the elderly, but since April 1 China vaccination drive has been …

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