COVID Vacations: Plan, Be Flexible, Travel Safe


Sumary of COVID Vacations: Plan, Be Flexible, Travel Safe:

  • Consider the safest way to get to your destination, what health precautions remain necessary, and what the COVID-19 case numbers look like at your destination, experts advise..
  • Henry Wu, MD, director of the Emory TravelWell Center and associate professor at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, said during a media briefing on Thursday..
  • For people with health conditions that increase risk for more severe COVID-19 or for whom the vaccines might be less effective, “it still might not be a good time to travel,”.
  • Also, remember to pack your CDC-issued vaccination card and make copies, including one that can be stored on the internet as a backup..
  • When you are in situations that are a higher risk for COVID-19 transmission — say a crowded indoor space with a mix of people — I would advise wearing masks, even if not required.”.
  • Variants of Concern and Single Dose Protection More and more data suggest the COVID-19 vaccines offer protection against variants of concern, including the delta variant, first identified in India, Wu added..
  • “Our vaccines are effective in that they can prevent severe illness and probably most infections from the delta variant,”.
  • CDC press officer Scott Pauley said in an email, “We currently recommend that all people avoid travel on cruise ships, including river cruises, worldwide….

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