Denver-based start-up and ACC launch a home health monitoring platform


Sumary of Denver-based start-up and ACC launch a home health monitoring platform:

  • The American College of Cardiology and cliexa, a Denver-based start-up focused on remote patient monitoring, have collaborated through the ACC Innovation Program to launch a home health monitoring platform called cliexa-Pulse..
  • Through the program, the College is working with digital health technology companies to co-create digital tools that seamlessly integrate with care delivery..
  • Related Stories “cliexa-PULSE is a revolutionary app and platform that allows cardiovascular clinicians to gather information from their patients before and after visits to ensure well-being and help pivot care plans that are individually tailored to patient needs,”.
  • “Using the cliexa platform allows for easy EMR integration along with the ability to capture chronic care codes resulting in efficient personalized care..
  • Further, with the upcoming population health tool, I can follow my entire panel of patients and help those in need sooner.”.
  • As a virtual health solution, cliexa-PULSE is designed for clinicians to track symptoms, medications and daily activity for the management of atrial fibrillation (AFib), hypertension, heart failure and other cardiovascular conditions..
  • Along with remote check-in, cliexa-Pulse offers remote patient monitoring tailored to any clinical workflow and provides bulletproof compliance, documentation support and MIPS reporting metrics..
  • With ACC’s clinical guidance, cliexa focused on user experience, both from patient reporting and clinician population health perspectives, providing discrete data and reports real-time into the EMR systems…

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