Does a plant-based diet really help beat COVID-19?


Sumary of Does a plant-based diet really help beat COVID-19?:

  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, it been suggested that certain foods or diets may offer protection against COVID-19..
  • It found that health professionals who reported following diets that are vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian (those that exclude meat but include fish) had a lower risk of developing moderate-to-severe COVID-19..
  • Additionally, the study found that those who said they eat a low-carbohydrate or high-protein diet seemed to have an increased risk of contracting moderate-to-severe COVID-19..
  • Self-reporting and small samples First, it important to underline that reported diet type didn’t influence the initial risk of contracting COVID-19..
  • As each person placed their diet into one of 11 categories, this left a very small number eating certain types of diet and then even smaller numbers getting seriously ill..
  • Working with such small numbers increases the risk of a falsely identifying a relationship between factors when there isn’t one – what statisticians call a type 1 error..
  • To attempt to show something is actually causal, you ideally need to test it as an intervention – that is, get someone to switch to doing it for the study, give it time to show an effect, and then compare the results with people who haven’t had that intervention..
  • A questionnaire was used to find out what foods people ate specifically, but responses to this were also self-reported….

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