Dr CHRIS VAN TULLEKEN: Look what a month of eating processed food did to me!


Sumary of Dr CHRIS VAN TULLEKEN: Look what a month of eating processed food did to me!:

  • For one month, under scientific supervision, I consumed 80 per cent of my calories from ultra-processed foods (or UPFs)..
  • And, worryingly, two-thirds of the calories that children and teenagers consume now come from ultra-processed foods..
  • 21 per cent of children in the UK have an ‘obese’ body mass index (BMI) when they leave primary school — that the highest rate ever..
  • The proof these foods can alter your brain The blue lines show how my brain was working before my month of ultra-processed food or UPFs ;.
  • The best independent scientific evidence shows that this is mainly down to our consumption of ultra-processed foods..
  • As part of a groundbreaking BBC documentary, I decided to experiment on myself, increasing my ultra-processed food intake fourfold..
  • He took 20 people and started each on either a two-week diet of ultra-processed foods bought from shops or an identical diet but made in the lab kitchen by chefs so it contained the same amount of salt, fat, sugar and so on — but was unprocessed..
  • On the ultra-processed food part of the diet, participants consumed 500 calories more per day and gained 1 kg (2.2 lb) in weight..
  • And Mr Somers lays the blame squarely on ‘the availability of vast quantities of industrialised, ultra-processed foods’….

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