Drivers dread travelling on the motorway, in the dark and in snowy conditions

drivers dread travelling on the motorway in the dark and in snowy conditions

Sumary of Drivers dread travelling on the motorway, in the dark and in snowy conditions:

  • Driving in snowy conditions (42 percent) is most likely to make drivers nervous, followed by navigating a new town or city (32 percent) and roads with lots of lanes (30 percent).
  • Driving in the dark (27 percent) and wet and rainy conditions (25 percent) completed the top five most uncomfortable scenarios on the road.
  • But the research also revealed 24 percent of drivers feel less confident now than before the pandemic, as a result of driving less over the last 18 months, with 16 percent going as far as to say they have ‘forgotten’ how to drive.
  • The stats emerged in a study by flexible car insurance firm Cuvva, which has partnered with YouTube sensation DGN Driving School, to launch a competition offering rusty drivers the chance to win a free refresher driving lesson.
  • Cuvva spokesperson and CEO, Freddy Macnamara, said: “Our research reveals there are many nervous drivers across the UK, with Londoners and those from Norwich indexing most highly.
  • But the study found 36 percent think their driving has generally worsened over the last 18 months as they have spent less time on the road.
  • As a result, 15 percent think it took them ‘weeks’ to get back up to speed once they started driving again following the lockdowns.

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