Eating Issues Common in People With Autism, and Girls Are More Susceptible


Sumary of Eating Issues Common in People With Autism, and Girls Are More Susceptible:

  • TUESDAY, May 4, 2021 — While it’s well established that autism and certain eating issues go hand in hand, does gender also play a role?.
  • Apparently it does, according to Swedish researchers who set out to better understand whether being male or female influenced eating issues in people who have autism..
  • The study found that autistic traits predicted eating problems, but the link was more pronounced particularly among girls or women..
  • These issues around eating might increase the risk of social isolation for females with autism, the researchers also found..
  • “We didn’t study the potential genetic difference between males and females, but we did look at this association between autism and eating problems..
  • “And we actually saw when we looked closer at this subscale that it was only these social items that autistic females report or had higher scores in.”.
  • This may not be that autism also causes eating problems but that certain genetic factors could be responsible for both, Remnelius said..
  • “We don’t know if this is causal, is autism causing eating problems, or if there might be some other factor that might be influencing both autism and eating problems..
  • One thing could be that some of the genes that increase the likelihood of a person having autism might also increase the likelihood of a person having eating problems,”.
  • The study included nearly 200 identical and fraternal twins between the ages of 15 and 33, including 28 individuals diagnosed with autism, who were all part of the Roots of Autism and ADHD Twin Study in Sweden..
  • Participants reported their eating issues in a questionnaire that covered eating problems in a broad way, Remnelius said..
  • Participants also had neurodevelopmental assessments, and researchers collected parent-reported autistic traits information..
  • Eating problems included selective eating, sensory sensitivity concerning food and symptoms of eating disorders..
  • These social eating problems might limit females from having opportunities for social interaction, Remnelius suggested, saying there should be more research on the issue….

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