Eczema treatment: The 5 ways to heal eczema – from skin diaries to probiotics

eczema treatment the 5 ways to heal eczema from skin diaries to probiotics

Sumary of Eczema treatment: The 5 ways to heal eczema – from skin diaries to probiotics:

  • Inflammation underneath the skin barrier generates severe itching, rashes, blistering and burning sensations.
  • The naturopath said: “The skin works on a very slow regeneration cycle compared to the rest of the body, renewing itself every four to five weeks depending on your age.
  • ”To help yourself remain patient, Leyla recommends keeping a diary about the state of your skin can be very helpful, so you can begin to understand your ‘skin’s cycle’.
  • She explained: “Like a hormonal cycle, the skin will go through red, hot and dry phases at different times of the month as it responds to your regime.
  • ” Eczema: Researchers discover a ‘novel approach’ to treat the skinBreak the itch-scratch cycleThe itch-scratch cycle is the term used to describe the process of feeling itchy, scratching the skin and then having to handle the aftermath of the injuries and soreness induced by the scratching.
  • This cycle eventually begins to feed itself and increase the eczema – scratching will introduce bacteria, fungi and allergens into the skin, the skin will inflame more and more itching is created from the inflammation and also from the healing stage.
  • Leyla explained: “For many eczema sufferers, scratching to the point of injury provides a temporary relief from the itching.
  • But if we can understand the reason for the itching, it can help us work toward breaking the itch-scratch cycle.

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