Effective nutrition care tips for the elderly with dementia


Sumary of Effective nutrition care tips for the elderly with dementia:

  • Due to this loss, a person daily life and activities are affected, and this adversely impacts not only the person, but also the caregiver, said Neha Sinha, CEO and co-founder, Epoch Elder Care and dementia specialist “Eat well, eat right;.
  • we have all heard this so many times during our childhood, and irrespective of age, good nutrition is vital for one overall health..
  • Adding green leafy vegetables and following the Mediterranean diet of fish, cereals, fruits and olive oil have also shown promising results in reducing further risk,”.
  • Sinha said that if the elder starts resisting meals or eating poorly there may be more than one causes involved..
  • “Start with eliminating distractions around meal times – noisy backgrounds and loud conversations can add to their confusion..
  • Though it may need a considerable amount of support and time to facilitate, it is essential for the elder dignity and respect..
  • It is a good idea to pre-portion/pre-mix their meals, prepare shorter meals as per their likes and dislikes and garnish food to make it look attractive especially semi-solid food like khichdi..
  • Elders with dementia are also at an increased risk of dehydration, which leads to co-morbidities like Urinary Tract Infection, or headaches and this may result in agitated behaviour….

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