Employers should incentivize, not mandate, workers to get Covid vaccines, says Wharton professor


Sumary of Employers should incentivize, not mandate, workers to get Covid vaccines, says Wharton professor:

  • Companies should encourage their employees to get vaccinated for Covid through incentives, not through mandates, according to Wharton School professor Nancy Rothbard..
  • Companies such as Tractor Supply are providing employees one-time cash payments to encourage them to get a Covid vaccine..
  • Businesses should be mindful of employees’ preferences around disclosing vaccine status, Rothbard said, adding some people are just less comfortable sharing personal information of any sort with employers and colleagues..
  • The debate about vaccine disclosure in the workplace does not diminish the need for Americans to get inoculated to help bring an end of the pandemic, Rothbard said..
  • “The term ‘herd immunity’ implies there is a collective cost to this, not just an individual decision people are making when they choose to get vaccinated.”.
  • Despite the importance, Rothbard stressed that incentives are likely to be effective in helping companies achieve high vaccination rates among their workforces..
  • Vaccine proof for customers Whether customers should have to show proof of vaccination in order to obtain services at a business — such as eating at a restaurant, for example — has become another contentious issue in the U.S….

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