ER visits for suicide attempts among US teen girls increased 51% this year compared to 2019


Sumary of ER visits for suicide attempts among US teen girls increased 51% this year compared to 2019:

  • Compared with the same period in 2019, the average number of visits among 12-to-17-year-olds rose by more than 20 percent in summer 2020 and nearly 40 percent in winter 2021 compared to the same periods in 2019..
  • The federal health agency says there needs to be an increase in mental health efforts specifically targeted towards teens to help curb suicide attempt rates..
  • This was especially felt by children and teens who were not able to interact with their peers due to school shutdowns and remote learning, leading to increased feelings fo social isolation..
  • Compared with the rate in 2019, there was 31 percent increase in the proportion of mental health–related ER visits occurred among teens 2020, many of them likely for suicidal thoughts or attempts..
  • For the study, published in the weekly MMWR report, the CDC looked at emergency department visits from the National Syndromic Surveillance Program between 2019 and 2021..
  • Researchers determined visits were for suspected suicide attempt by using a combination of diagnosis codes and chef complaint terms..
  • Among adolescents between ages 12 and 17, the average number of ER visits for suicide attempts decreased during spring 2020 compared to spring 2019 before increasing for both sexes..
  • The CDC recommends that public health departments, mental health facilities and schools implement strategies specific to young people….

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