European grant awarded for innovative orthopedic training simulator


Sumary of European grant awarded for innovative orthopedic training simulator:

  • Although more than 30% of meniscus tears are assessed suitable for repair, less than 10% are repaired internationally and partial meniscectomy remains the main surgical treatment option..
  • It focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises that invest a substantial part of their revenues in research and development, certainly the case for VirtaMed..
  • The orthopedics and sports medicine department at CHL as the project partner brings necessary clinical experience to steer the project from the medical side..
  • The team has published numerous scientific publications in internationally recognized journals and was among the first that developed and described techniques to perform advanced meniscus repair..
  • Dr. Romain Seil, Head Division of Neurosciences and Musculoskeletal Diseases at CHL said, “Practical training opportunities that meet the currently high levels of specialization necessary in orthopedic surgery are limited and expensive..
  • It takes extensive training to master the surgical techniques required for advanced meniscal repair procedures, which have only been developed in recent years..
  • To allow for secure repair and low complication rates, it is crucial to provide training simulators to practice safely and without harming patients..
  • The next generation of surgeons will certainly use mixed reality simulation training in a systematic way in their training, and we see VirtaMed as the partner of choice to achieve this.”…

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