Everything you need to know about cluster headaches

everything you need to know about cluster headaches

Sumary of Everything you need to know about cluster headaches:

  • “Those who have these so-called primary headache syndromes can have frequent, severe, and debilitating headaches that adversely impact quality of life.
  • The most common headache that falls into this category is migraine,” he explains.
  • According to the doctor, people are more familiar with migraine than cluster headaches because “migraine is much more prevalent”.
  • “One characteristic feature of migraine headache is it often affects one side of the head.
  • Cluster headache, another common primary headache, shares this feature with migraine.
  • While both are unilateral, cluster headache is side-locked, meaning it involves the same side in each attack, whereas migraine headache can shift sides,” says Dr Narayanan.
  • Signs and symptoms of cluster headaches A cluster headache strikes quickly, usually without warning, although you may first have migraine-like nausea.
  • (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock) Cluster headaches versus migraine The doctor says unlike migraine, cluster headache is significantly more common in men than women.

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