Everything you need to know about the Lambda variant, from a virologist

everything you need to know about the lambda variant from a virologist

Sumary of Everything you need to know about the Lambda variant, from a virologist:

  • The Lambda coronavirus variant was first reported in Peru in December 2020, according to the World Health Organization.
  • One case of Lambda was recorded in hotel quarantine in New South Wales in April.
  • Lambda has now been detected in more than 20 countries around the globe.
  • The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has designated Lambda a “variant under monitoring”, and Public Health England regards it as a “variant under investigation”.
  • This is due to mutations thought to affect the virus’ characteristics, such as how easily it’s transmitted.
  • Epidemiological evidence is still mounting as to the exact threat Lambda poses.
  • So, at this stage more research is required to say for certain how its mutations impact transmission, its ability to evade protection from vaccines, and the severity of disease.
  • Preliminary evidence suggests Lambda has an easier time infecting our cells and is a bit better at dodging our immune systems.

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