Experimental One-Dose Blood Thinner Abelacimab Could Slash Blood Clot Risk After Knee Replacement

experimental one dose blood thinner abelacimab could slash blood clot risk after knee replacement

Sumary of Experimental One-Dose Blood Thinner Abelacimab Could Slash Blood Clot Risk After Knee Replacement:

  • By Ernie Mundell and Robert Preidt HealthDay ReportersTUESDAY, July 20, 2021 — Anyone who’s ever undergone knee replacement understands the real and troubling risk of post-op blood clots.
  • Many patients are told take a daily blood thinner pill long after their procedure.
  • But a new study finds that a one-time injection of an experimental blood thinner called abelacimab may greatly reduce the odds for these clots in recovering knee replacement patients.
  • The researchers compared abelacimab with another prescription blood thinner called enoxaparin (brand name Lovenox) in 412 patients undergoing knee replacement.
  • Compared to enoxaparin, a single injection of abelacimab reduced the risk of blood clots by 80% for up to a month after surgery, and didn’t increase the risk of bleeding — a common side effect with blood thinners.
  • “Patients who undergo knee replacement routinely receive anti-clotting treatment with enoxaparin or other anticoagulant medications that require daily administration,” said research team leader Jeffrey Weitz.
  • According to the research team, abelacimab is an antibody that binds to both the inactive and activated forms of a clotting factor called factor XI, preventing its activation and activity, and halting clot formation.
  • This drug could be applied not only to total joint replacement, but also to fracture treatment.

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