Experts say that ketogenic diet is great for asthma patients

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Respiratory problems are common nowadays and that’s why the number of people living with asthma is growing every day. Pollution, allergens, and many more causes are making this disease all the more prevalent. But thankfully, there is a diet that might help you deal with this disease better.   

So, if you or someone around you is suffering from asthma then we have news. According to the study, published in the journal Immunity, a special diet might help as researchers have found that a popular ketogenic diet may reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract. 

Study says that a so-called ketogenic diet showed significantly reduced inflammation of the respiratory tract.

If you have asthma then you need to be doubly careful. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Keto diet helps in better recovery according to the researchers Asthma patients react even to low concentrations of some allergens with severe inflammation of the bronchi. This is also accompanied by increased mucus production, which makes breathing even more difficult, the researchers said.

A central role here is played by cells of the innate immune system, which were only discovered a few years ago and are called Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC). They perform an important protective function in the lungs by regenerating damaged mucous membranes. For this purpose, they produce inflammatory messengers from the group of cytokines, which stimulate the division of the mucosal cells and promote mucus production.…

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