Fluence expands in Israeli cannabis industry with LED lighting solutions


Sumary of Fluence expands in Israeli cannabis industry with LED lighting solutions:

  • The implementations are part of Fluence ongoing partnership with REMY LTD (REMY), a leading, Israel-based horticultural lighting provider to the country growing agriculture industry..
  • Following the legalisation of medical cannabis in 1993, Israel cannabis industry has flourished through in-depth research into efficient production and cultivation processes..
  • With nearly 30 cultivators actively producing medical cannabis and dozens in planning stages, Israel is poised to meet and exceed demand for the estimated 100,000 medical cannabis users throughout the country..
  • Medical cannabis in Israel As legislation to legalise recreational cannabis use is evaluated, experts predict the industry will maintain its exponential growth trajectory..
  • “The rapid growth of the medical cannabis industry in Israel is a clear indicator of the recreational market potential,”.
  • “To maintain the industry pace, cultivators must examine and invest in highly efficient production methods that yield consistent, high-quality cannabis products..
  • Optimal lighting strategies for every phase of the cultivation value chain Whether seed and variety breeding, cloning and growing plants, or the final cultivation of dense and full buds, each phase of the cannabis value chain requires optimised, curated lighting conditions..
  • Fluence not only offers the industry leading LED lighting solutions, but provides evidence-based best practices to identify, implement and maintain the optimal lighting strategy at each phase of cannabis growth….

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