Having weird, vivid dreams? Sleep researchers say you’re far from alone


Sumary of Having weird, vivid dreams? Sleep researchers say you’re far from alone:

  • The world over, where sleep and dream patterns are being studied, there are tales of people having dreams they perceive as being more vivid and more memorable than usual..
  • Jeff Huang of Brown University in Providence, R.I., gathered data from 100,000 sleep app users around the world..
  • In addition to seeing patterns of insomnia and anxiety that are keeping people tossing and turning deep into the night, the team found something else..
  • The change in sleep patterns makes sense, considering that many people the world over started snoozing past their usual wake-up time when the morning rituals of going to the gym, hustling the kids off to school or commuting to work vanished..
  • Sleep patterns affect dreams Elizaveta Solomonova, sleep researcher and postdoctoral fellow at McGill University in Montreal, says the connection between vivid dreaming and morning sleep is clear..
  • WATCH | Toronto filmmakers Hanna Jovin and Adrian Morphy have been illustrating some of the strange dreams their Instragram followers have been sharing with them during the pandemic:.
  • Hanna Jovin and Adrian Morphy say many, including themselves, have been experiencing strange and vivid dreams since the pandemic began and the pair decided to illustrate and share them on social media..
  • In the first few months of the pandemic the global experience didn’t have a lot of strong visual imagery associated with it..
  • But many people were confined to their homes, so one of the most repeated dreams reported in the study was of somehow feeling stuck or unproductive, or trying to catch a plane or bus and just not making it..
  • Elizaveta Solomonova, a postdoctoral fellow at McGill University in the department of Psychiatry who specializes in sleep study, says a common theme of pandemic dreams has been repeatedly trying and failing to accomplish something..
  • Harvard Medical School associate professor Deirdre Barrett just finished a book called Pandemic Dreams, based on 9,000 dream submissions..
  • She maintains this health crisis is a standout for the capacity of people to recall the dreams, and for their lucidity..
  • From North America, to Italy, to France, again and again survey respondents wrote of swarms coming after them in their dreams..
  • And in many of the dream submissions Barrett reviewed, the bugs weren’t simply frightening — people reported a sense of something dirty and unclean about the whole experience..
  • The National’s social media team asked Canadians for submissions, and in keeping with the trends seen elsewhere, people reported dreams full of anxiety, filth, insects, masks and fears related to social distancing..
  • It’s a type of nightmare that would be familiar to many who have been studying the phenomenon of pandemic dreams..
  • Both Barrett and Solomonova report that once masks became fundamental to our lives, research shows they became a big part of our dreams too….

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