Here’s How One Bar Party Led to 46 COVID-19 Cases and a School Closure


Sumary of Here’s How One Bar Party Led to 46 COVID-19 Cases and a School Closure:

  • A single party at a bar led to a COVID-19 outbreak that included 46 cases, one hospitalization, and the closing of one school, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)..
  • Public health officials linked a cluster of cases back to the bar event through contact tracing and routine testing..
  • Then the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and local health department investigated further and ultimately connected 46 confirmed cases to the event..
  • mask use and not maintaining six feet or more of social distance from one another “despite table spacing and signs encouraging physical distancing and mask use,”.
  • Although officials are not certain exactly how many people attended the event in total, the bar had a capacity of about 100 people and was open between 4 p.m..
  • One of the people who went to the bar that night had actually received a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 the day prior, public health officials would later learn..
  • Of the 46 total cases connected to the event, 17 were secondary, meaning the person who tested positive was in close contact with someone who attended the bar event….

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